My name is Gabrielle Diaz, and I’m the creative director and energy behind ‘Anya bikinis. I was born to chase the sun. ‘Anya is a native Mojave word meaning, sun, or bright, or day. It can also mean hour or time, we tell time by the way the sun moves across the sky. This is when we do our best work at ‘Anya bikini, while the world is bright. We are building bikinis that will help you chase the sun until the stars come out. Our bikinis are built for fun, for electricity, for all the beauty you can find in this world, on a river, on a lake, on an ocean.

Many of our one-of-a-kind prints are inspired by my Native American and tribal heritage. I am Mojave and Pima and an enrolled member of the Gila River Indian Community. My love of the water and the sand was built from a deep respect and understanding of both. ‘Aha Makav, the traditional name of my Mojave people, translates to: the water or river is running through both the land and the body. We hope you will be inspired by our belief in the balance of earth and water, sand and sea, our bodies and our natural environments.

To chase the sun is half adventure seeking and half being in a state of awe at the wonders of our bodies and bodies of water. At ‘Anya bikini we have one season: Ever-Summer. Join us as we revel in the gifts of our earth.

Come chase the sun with us!